Sisters In Heart and Spirit


A few years ago I was asked to contribute something to help celebrate a good friends 60th birthday. This caused me to reflect on our relationship and its importance to me. Now 15 years later and upon hearing about her death I publish this  this as my tribute to a life well lived and my friend /sister Irma. We kept wanting to get together (she lived in Chicago and I in San Diego) in person this side of heaven but sadly we will have to wait to be reunited in heaven.

I am an only child and in growing up I had lots of acquaintances, but I had no close friend whom I could confide in and my mother and I were not close in that way at the time.. My freshman year in high school we moved from the south side of Chicago to the Hyde Park area so that I could attend a better high school. Then my parents got a divorce that year and I felt somewhat adrift. The story recorded in this poem happened then.

Sisters In Heart and Spirit: A Birthday Tribute

I want to honor you today, as my heart and spirit echo,

in thanksgiving for the way you have touched my life.

Providence it seems knew just what was needed

for this fifteen year olds’ languishing self esteem.

On the surface I seemed fine

but, underneath my drummer’s beat

did not fit the expectations of the times.

My probing mind and poet’s heart

did not blend with the more radical soul food of the clime.

So, I came to serve your needs, to baby-sit your kids,

an only child who didn’t kno’ a thing about such things.

You invited me into the bosom and chaos of your hearth;

pacifier in one hand and heart in the other,

letting me serve but more; becoming your sounding board, your friend.

The things I felt, thought, my gifts you affirmed.

Yet also taught me by your life to see beyond the trends;

to value motherhood as a career.

From that very first night our hearts and lives were linked;

times apart never weakening this.

Each contact always reaching straight for the heart;

no small talk needed to find out again who we were.

So, I share the privilege of the many women here

whose lives have been quickened by touching your soul.

Yes, God surely had a plan when he arranged for us to meet,

me at fifteen and you at twenty-five both needing something undefined.

This friendship continues to nurture for our best.

Now, at fifty and sixty, still sisters in spirit and in heart.

Diantha Zschoche  2000