I am poet and have been writing on and off since high school. That seems a long time ago. I have been part of some local ( San Diego County, CA literary groups but have more recently been mostly participating to a couple of arts group which have visual artist, musicians, dancers, and writers, etc. in them. One in Carlsbad and one in Orange County. Both of these groups explore  how the artist’s spirituality is reflected in and empowers their art. I particularly enjoy a method  of artistic expression called by a Greek word Ecphrasis. This means using one medium of art to give voice to another medium. An example is poetry that  is interpretive of a piece visual art or  a musical selection. This could also happen in the reverse.  A musician could write music in response to a painting or a poem. I have enjoyed over the last few years participating in one of my literary groups which is associated with an art gallery. Each year is conjunction with their end of the year Summations exhibit. Poets all over the county are invited to view the exhibit pieces and then submit poems in response to them. Then  the poems which are selected are published in an anthology along with the art work written about. Then their is a publication party in the spring in which the art work is shown and the artist has the opportunity to talk about the work and the poet if present reads the poem about it.

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  1. Diantha, I love your writings … always have! How special that you have created a place to share this part of yourself. Today’s poem is beautiful! Sending love, Diana

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