As a Catholic, I enjoy having some additional rich texts to further revealed to me God’s ways and the book of Sirach is one of those. This reading a month ago was one of these that showed me where I am lacking and gave me a new vision of who I can be.


A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter:…..Sirach 6:14


Pull me over you, wooly and warm,

warding off the chill of dashed dreams, futile frustrations.

Till you heart feels comforted and confident

that his plans are still good.


Reach for me to wipe away the tears

when the mist of mistakes, rain of regrets wash over you.

Till you can clear your eyes  and look forward again in faith

trusting you are in his hands.


Let me be an umbrella of affirmation

when the wet world leaves you soggy and sad.

Till the sun comes back out and the warm winds of

his peace settles your spirit.


I want to shelter you not cocoon you

from life’s vagaries and pain.

Be a shield of love till it passes, salve for the stings

while his purposes work even this together for your good.


Diantha Zschoche 3/17