My experience with the bible is that I can have read a certain passage for thirty years and then suddenly it gets highlighted and I “see” it afresh. This is what happened with this passage in which Jesus relatives conclude when they see the mobs clamoring to see him, that he has lost it.




… for they said, “ He is out of his mind.” Mark 3:21


He walked away leaving his hammer and nails on the workbench.

He had a respectable, predictable existence;

now nomadic teacher.

Touching the untouchable.

Speaking out against the irreproachable.

Claiming the power to forgive the unredeemable.

Gathering around him a band of disciples unremarkable.

The very implements that he had wielded became the enemies of his flesh.

So, yes, no sane man would do this.

Only a God besotted and eager to embrace his beloved,

willing to appear ridiculous for the sake of love.


1/17 Diantha L. Zschoche