New Year’s Resolution

In the fullness of time…Gal 4:4

At the end of this year the Christmas season celebrates, contemplates the astonishing proclamation that God came into a womb and re- entered his world as a little child , the Incarnate One. This was no happenstance but the culmination of a bold plan to bring us into a more intimate relationship with himself. As I heard this Galatians reading today I reflected and resolved:

New Year’s Resolutions

What is coming to a point of fruition in my life now?
What has all of time, of last year,
the good, the hard, the hardly noticed
been preparing me/you for?
This moment, this day, this year before us
are the once in a lifetime gift,
Each are the building blocks, the substance of our lives.
Let us enter into this New Year resolved
to be cognizant of life,
to be available to ourselves, to others., to God,
to partake of the gift.
To live life with faith, though shaky and groaning at times,
With the expectation that this astonishing God’s grace
will intersect, interfere with our short sighted plans.
So that in the fullness of time God can accomplish
His loving purposes in and through us in the world.

Diantha Zschoche
New Year’s 2017