This New Day

I was reading a reflection on the back of a beautiful print of a painting by artist Stephanie Morris entitled Virgin and Child (  and written by the artist. It is from the perspective of Mary speaking to each one of us and offering to let us hold the babe in our arms and so realize that it is all humanity that I am invited to care for. This poem came from imagining myself cradling him and how that experience could manifest itself in my life.


This New Day


A New Year moves onto the calendar of the world.

Those blank squares greet us each day

offering us an opportunity to carry with us

the babe we embraced at Christmas.

To breathe in his breath of life,

to see through his eyes,

till the steady, fierce rhythm of his love

beats consistently in our hearts.

Then we can look into each face,

even our own in the mirror and

wish its bearer peace,

find our hand extending grace

to those we meet.

To follow unafraid the spirit’s leading,

to be about our Father’s business

whether in challenges or changes

or through darkness waiting for the light.

To recall the feel of the Christ child in our arms,

even as Mary did as she stood at the foot of the cross.

To receive the joys and mercies of each morning

rising up to proclaim with our lives

“This is the day the Lord has made…”

This is all we ever have, all we ever need.


Diantha Zschoche 1/16