Advent : A Gift

I heard a sermon the first Sunday in Advent and the priest said , “ Advent is a gift, unwrap it and use it wisely. “ This led me to think about what that might mean, how I might approach this season in a fresh way.


Advent : A Gift


If we look down the calendar road

we can see off in the distance the silhouette

of what looks like a manger on the horizon.

So begins our pilgrimage toward that place

day by day opening ourselves to discovery,

seeking opportunities to learn something new.

Not assuming we know the story

because we have read it,

or remember the way though we walked it last year.

Perhaps we will see into our own hearts

the dark and the bright.

Or we might see a flash of glory

if we look for it in our fellow travelers.

As we look around at the booty

every advertisement promises,

hear the ding of another email filling our inbox;

we may lose our way till we remember

to look ahead again at the creche

which is our quest.

The road ahead may seem familiar and yet alien

but just take another step forward.

Then when our packs get too heavy let us stop and empty

them of the fatigue, fear, cynicism and indifference;

fill them up again with the peace and grace

we find along the way.

Will our heartbeats quicken as we get closer

in anticipation of the gift that Advent will lead us to?

That eve of our destination where we hope

to take our places amid the shepherds and sheep,

see Mary’s smile of invitation

to come and gaze starry eyed

at the Christmas present God

has left for us under the tree.


Diantha Zschoche 12/15

Advent 2015