The Greatest Generation.

Last weekend in many different places there was a celebration called the Spirit of 45. It was in honor of the anniversary of the end of WWII and especially was honoring the veteran’s from that war. I am a veteran myself and along with the hospice I work for here in San Diego County, CA  I got to be part  of a ceremony partnering with the VA to give Honor our Veteran’s pins and plaques to about 30 WWII veteran’s at one of the nursing home facilities we have patient’s in. The following is a tribute I wrote and read at this ceremony.

The Greatest Generation


You have been called

“The Greatest Generation.”

Not because you were superheroes or saints.

But because you ordinary people

from all cultures and walks of life,

Rich to poor, white collar and blue,

from the city and the country

answered the call.

You set the bar

for stepping up to the plate.

Out of your young lives,

out from your families,

often for years at a time.

We honor your duty,

your courage, your faith.

That caused you to go, to suffer, to sacrifice

and endure the horrors of war.

But also we honor you because

you came back home

to love , to work, to create,

to  raise your families..

To build this country into the greatest nation on earth.


Our nation like you is not great

because it is perfect and never fails,

but because despite this

it, like you, picks itself up and continues to go forward

with determination and generosity of spirit.

You are our heros

because you did what needed to be done

despite the cost.

This is the heritage you have given us.

This is why we salute you and

those of your fellow comrades in arms

who are no longer with us.

Whether from falling on the battlefields

or falling later in life.

You are the Greatest Generation.


Diantha Zschoche

Chaplain Apreva Hospice

Spirit of 45