The Bridge

In 1964-65 when I was 24-25 I began a solitary spiritual pilgrimage that led to me identifying myself as a Christian and it was then that I began my journey to get to know Jesus. It was not a one time event but a growing into a trusting knowledge that God loved me and that Jesus was the manifestation of that love. One of the things I would do to transform my mind was to take popular song lyrics of love or faithfulness and to visualize them as songs about God’s relationship with me. See in this poem, all you who grew up with the music of the 60s, if you recognize the two popular songs that inspired it.

Across Time (1024x538)

Across Time by Peggy Edens, oil on Canvas, used with permission

The Bridge,

I have journeyed with you

through what have seemed the darkest nights,

on stormy and stony roads.

When you have called out my name,

I have reached out a helping hand

and reminded you that I am here

in all the seasons of your life my friend.

I am the bridge over the waters of your soul,

who helps you cross over from

the earthly to the heavenly,

to rise above the weariness,

to wipe the tears of sorrow from your eyes.

I am here to comfort you,

forever be on your side

to help you achieve your destiny

if you will let me.

I have proven this to you

by laying myself down for your sake

that you might cross over from death to life

today and through all time.

Diantha Zschoche 2015

Ecphrasis of Across Time by Peggy Edens , oil on canvas