American Dream

The approaching July Fourth celebration seems a fitting time to think about what does this  freedom we are defending and touting look like. This reflection made me look at part of that answer just a little bit differently and think about what it would mean to incorporate its truth into my life more.


American Dream


The house, the car, the life…

But is it really the things

that signify the dream

or rather the fact

that we are free to dream

our own dreams?

To imagine something,

then pursue it.

This is the gift

we must at least offer

to other people.

Some will take it,

some will fear it,

some will reject it,

some won’t believe it.

God asks only;

will we offer it,

will we help each other

reach for it.


Diantha Zschoche June 2015

Ecphasis of A New Dream by Cynthia Llanes, Acrylic