Not Afraid to Behold

I started writing this on Palm Sunday a bit here and there as I journeyed through Holy Week. It reflects that while spiritually during this time we are walking in deep water, we are also traversing through the daily challenges of living our lives and working at our jobs. This is not a parallel journey but one that weaves in and out and transforms both. We are time travellers into a mystery out of time.


Not Afraid To Behold.



I am an episodic creature

on a journey new and old.

I get hot,

I get cold,

I get timid,

I get bold,

In the menopausal rhythm

of my body and my soul.

Laughing at myself,

not afraid to behold.

This seemingly quixotic God

both known and unknown,

who will come and die

on this eve of passover day

yet still holds my hand

bids me not be dismayed.

As the roller coaster ride

of this week begins to accelerate,

he rides with me through the dark

keeping my fears at bay.

Holding fast to my hand

through the dips and the turns

he my Father I his child,

we share tears , we share smiles

as we watch for the Son

again to rise.


Diantha Zschoche:  Holy Week 2015