I was given the opportunity to write in response ( Ecphrasis) in response to a picture that depicted a family walking together in a Alzheimer ‘s Walk. Now my job as a Hospice Chaplain puts me in touch with a lot of people who have Alzheimers and now that I am over 60 I cannot help but wonder if I or a loved one will develop this. But , as I meditate on this picture I realize that we have a choice to live in faith and trust in the now or fear the unknown future.




In order to remember

we have to first see,

sense the world around us.

The cracks in the sidewalk,

the different shapes of the leaves

on branches proudly reaching up.

A dog’s tail wagging,

the hair strands unraveling

on a braid as it sways.

A purple jacket in a sea of beige ones,

a ground squirrel nibbling on a daisy,

the wondrous giggles of a child.

So let us not worry about

possible memory loss

but focus on making

and creating memories.

Attending to our lives

as we live them,

mindful that no moment

ever repeats itself

so must be experienced

in the now.


Diantha Zschoche

Ekphrasis of The Purple Jacket by Nannette E. Benan in graphite/colored pencils