A Ministry: A Tribute to Our Health Care Workers

I am a Hospice Chaplain with Apreva Hospice and everyday I work with amazing nurses, aides,  nurse practitioners and doctors. Together we seek to honor the desires and dignity of our patients, as we care for them in this latter part of their life’s journey.These words are intended to be both a tribute and a call to you who are my team members and my family to understand the depths of your vocation.

A Ministry: A Tribute to Our Health Care Workers


You thought it was just a necessary process

this checking of vital signs

of giving personal care.

You did’nt know that checking oxygen levels

or the combing of the hair

were ministry.

Your hands caress as you take their pulse,

check the temperature,

assess every inch of them professionally

but with caring that says

diseased or wrinkled you are precious.

As you help them bathe you recognize

the self sufficiency they have lost

and offer them through your touch and manner

what dignity you can.

Then  they recognize you are someone

who has given them something,

not just  taken something away.

Whether taking their blood pressure

or washing their back

you convey to them that you see them

as more than just a body to be tended

but a precious vessel of life.

You may not be about healing their bodies

but you can be healers of their souls.

Therein is  ministry.


Diantha Zschoche 2015