A Holy Pilgrimage

I wrote this as I sat in the Ash Wednesday Service which marks the beginning of Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter.) I meditated upon the beautiful tapestry at the from of the Church in different shades and patterns of purple, indicating an undulating landscape with a golden road that leads across it to a semblance of  a brightly lit and empty tomb. If I get a chance I will take and post a picture of it for my description does not do it justice. It was created by one of the artist in the church and I must get their permission.

A  Holy Pilgrimage


We begin now a journey

this holy pilgrimage,

an opportunity for a spiritual  reset.

We know where we will wind up,

at the foot of the cross.

But, not who we will be

or what ground we will cover to get there.

The road awaits us.

It is not about what we will give up

but what we will allow him to transform.

So, we can live as our true selves;

give our true selves in service to the world,

Let our resolve be filled with

more holy “I wills.”

Then the things that rot our souls,

poison our minds,

weigh down our spirits

will not appear so appealing.

Then we can greet the Holy Feast of Easter

our wounds healing from the spikes of life,

our eyes blinking as we escape the darkness of our tombs,

more whole and able to lift up our lives

in praise of Love which always conquers death.


Diantha Zschoche Lent 2015