Another World.

A Belated Happy New Years. I tried to post around Christmas but the device I was using would not let me do it and then time pasted. So now as I move into this New Year I am thinking about what I want to be different this year. I want to develop my relationships, my heart , my mind, my art my spirit. . “He must increase, I must decrease.”

Another World


Each of our minds is a world unto itself.

As strange as any science fiction construct.

Labyrinths that lead us down mental memory lanes

lined with half forgotten dreams,

searing tales of triumph and failure.

Pictures of forgotten landscapes,

of pinnacles and valleys

populated by creatures known

and once known,

heard about and imagined

gleaned from movies and life.

When we each encounter the other

we enter into another world

whose rules and rationale

we should not presume upon.

But approach as an explorer

with anticipation and respect

and humility that we would be



Diantha Zschoche