Creative Chef

My husband is going back to school to get his High School Teacher’s  Credential in Science. He has been studying up the in the last year in all the sciences and and has been sharing about the different scientific discoveries. The more he studies and shares it both enhances my sense of the wonder of creation. So this was sort of whimsical take on this.


Creative Chef?

When the world began did

God stir the primordial soup.

A pinch of nitrogen,

a tablespoon of hydrogen,

a cup of enzymes.

The recipe for creation,

all ingredients

fresh and organic.

A very creative chef

who turned on the oven

let it cook till it was done,

proclaimed it very good.

Now everyone is trying to figure out

what he set the timer for,

what was his oven temperature,

and whether they like

the taste and presentation.

Everyone claims to have the

genuine cookbook and

the right translation.

Some say the directions are literal

and others say poetical.

I just celebrate the Chef

and enjoy the wonders he

has served up.


Diantha Zschoche 10/14