This month of October is End of Domestic Violence Month and the headlines have brought this subject to the forefront of national discussion.  I have been privileged to be part of an art project which has highlighted this subject entitled “Exposing Scars: Giving Abused Women a Voice.” This exhibit is being shown at the Women’s Museum of California in San Diego, CA.in the months of October and November ( womensmuseumca.org.) The artist is photographer Jennifer George. She interviewed women and from their statements and in collaboration with them created a photographic image which expressed their experience with abuse. I then took the image and the women’s narrative and wrote a poem for each image which is displayed with the image. I encourage you to go to go see the exhibit if you are in the area or to go to artinspiringchange.org to find out more. I met Jennifer through arts groups we belong to The Grove in Orange County  and The Artist Fellowship at NCCC in North San Diego County both which encourage artist to let god use their talents to the fullest.This poem is one I wrote at the completion of the project because I am fortunate that this is not my personal experience.




I have learned through

this project that

the walls of the prison

labeled abuse

have bricks labeled

weak, damaged,darkness,

unworthy,stupid, alone.

These leave the one imprisoned

feeling trapped in a living hell.

Till through raw courage

they escape or are rescued.

Learn to fight for a new life,

dismantle the lies,

find paths of healing

and hope.

That through awareness

I /we can help.


Diantha Zschoche 9/14