I was at an art exhibit whose theme was Pneuma or Breath and as I did my usual walk around to see what artworks spoke to me I paused by a painting by Cynthia Llanes entitled Worship. It was not a large work  and there was an impression of a side view of a woman whose head was lifted up, arms raise, one leg extended and I could feel the pulse of life and power of one abandoning herself to worship her God.



My head is bowed

my knees on ground

then you spoke to my spirit

you said, “Arise!”

So I stood up

lifted up my eyes

flung up my arms

in grateful surprise.

Songs poured out

as feet began to dance

my face was wet

yet laughter filled the air.

I was amazed

that you the One over all

would accept my praise

meet me heart to heart.

Draw me into worship

that transforms my mind

releases the vision in me

beyond my thoughts or dreams;

to see, to be more fully me,

to serve, to share more fully you.


Diantha Zschoche 9/14