I was reading an essay by Anthony Esolen about the priest and poet Gerard Manley Hopkins. This was in my devotional and so I was reading as I did my morning walk. He said that to Manley ,”The world was almost too rich for one man to bear…for everything in the world was meant to turn his heart to Christ …  and cries out “Behold!”  And I put the book away and began to be present to the life around me. Nothing I was reminded is mundane if I look for its fresh and fierce essence.



Look, listen,


The light from the sun

birthed but not yet revealed,

reflected in the house windows,

gilding the tops of the palm trees

up on the hill.

The hiss of the electrical box

next to the train tracks.

How as the cars pass by

their tires vibrate at different pitches.

Doves cooing in their

rhythmic chants under a bush.

Three chickens prancing

on a front lawn

trying to look nonchalant

but they don’t belong there.

Whimsical landscaping

mimicking a dry river bed

where water never flowed.

A large variegated agave plant

reaching out with its octopus

arms to grab the unsuspecting.

Curling and faded signs

for garage sales past,

lost dogs found

nailed to the telephone post.

Today the street is hushed

in anticipation of tomorrow

when the hibernation of

the school grounds ends,

the bell sounds again,

the children swarm

back onto the campus.

Diantha Zschoche 8/14