Fresh Wet Paint

In June my husband and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary. This seems a paltry amount compared to the 50, 60 even 70 plus years of othesr announced at church but still in this day and age an accomplishment. He has been away a lot of the summer doing teaching gigs and I have had time to contemplate about our relationship and marriages in general.


Fresh Wet Paint


Easy complacency,

coasting along taking for granted

our partners.

Hey you, we think,

I have seen you many

mornings before,

so I give you a perfunctory

nod or kiss till I see you again.

Yet so many of those

who have lost a spouse

say they wish for one more

mundane day with their love.

It is a shame that we

do not always give our best

to those we love the most.

We save it for our students,

our patients, our clients.

Where is the charm, the creativity,

the patience and understanding

present in our marriages, our families?

We forget that this day,this moment

is the one we have to create

a memory on the hard drive

of our lives,

to write on the soul of the other.

Let’s not have pages

with only indecipherable  squiggles

or “ditto” marks as though

we have said it all before.

Because acts of love are always

fresh wet paint

on the canvas of another’s heart..

Diantha Zschoche 8/14