The Encounter

A few months ago I encountered again someone who 6 years ago through initially circumstances and then choice I had divorced from my life. This was someone with whom I had a mentee/mentor relationship, worked with and lived with and worshiped with and grew in my faith with for 30 plus years with.  And, in the months leading up to the break I had to face that while, I had learned a lot and grown a lot, the relationship they had with me and with others in our ministry was on the whole dysfunctional. I always felt that God assured me that when the time was right I would encounter them again and so I did.


The Encounter


I often wondered

how not if

I would encounter you.

The incredibly small

town vibe of

the North County

has me almost always

seeing someone I know

buying toilet paper at Walmart

or eating a yogurt at Costco.

You, who I spent

30 plus years with.

You who was

my greatest encourager,

my greatest stifler.

You pushed me to

express my gift for words.

so that I am

a confident poet today.

You demeaned my

parenting skills

till I abdicated

my judgement for yours

losing my kid’s respect.

So that night

there you suddenly were,

greeting me as though

nothing was between us,

except a casual


as though the world

hadn’t shifted,

the future been re-shaped

by our last encounter.

But, I am gratified

that I could smile,

greet you,

saying sincerely

as I walked away,

“Be blessed.”

Knowing my heart

had truly forgiven,

that I am free.


Diantha Zschoche 7/14