So Many Variations?

I heard a bird song beautiful and lilting as I stood in the parking lot of my office building. I tilted my head back seeking to find the source. This happened for two days but it remained out of sight in trees to the side of the building. Then the next day I looked up and there was this beautiful yellow breasted feathered creature singing its song mesmerizing those of us who stopped in the middle of this sterile concrete environment and were transfixed. This experience inspired me to ponder…


So Many Variations?


I open my bird book ,

“Yes, I own one,”

I once was good friends

with a couple who were birders

I don’t know much but I

am forever tuned to

hear and look accordingly.

I am reminded again of

so many variations of

beaks, feathers, coloring, size,

ground or sky types.

Their feathers layered ,

their bones delicate,

that it can fly a wonderful

mystery beyond evolution and dna

and yet partly explained by it.

,However if I ask ,

“ What came first the bird or the egg?”

even science that explains so much

does not have a definitive answer.

So I stand in awe

of this piece of of creation

and I am lead to ponder

about the nature of its Creator.

What purpose for the multitude

of variety found on these pages

except that it was a creative possibility,

an experiment to see what could be?

As I closed the book I am

more appreciative, more determined

to be observant

of the creative endeavor.


Diantha Zschoche 7/14