Savor Life


Savor Life


Hey why are you hurrying, what is your haste?

“The world is going to ruin, there is no time to waste!”

So you offer your self as as runner in the race,

work overtime and quicken your pace.

Did Jesus run up the mountain breathlessly saying his piece?

Or rush around to fill the baskets of loaves and fish?

And wasn’t he the one laying asleep in the boat,

or stopping to have dinner with an unlikely host?

When the busy disciples shooed the children away

who held them on his lap and blessed them anyway?

And even as Lazarus was languishing and sick,

who waited three days before making the trip?

Yes, who in his own tomb stayed three days

before showing up in glory just like he said.?’

If he had the time for “this” and took the time for “that”

Do we not have time to listen, with him and others to chat?

Because loving God and helping others

is meant to be savored ,, not just hard work.


Diantha Zschoche 6/14