What Really Matters?

As many of you may know this has been a harrowing week for those of us in San Diego County, CA. We were under siege by 90 plus temperatures, 20 to 50 mph wind gust and the resultant fires that seemed to lust for and ravage the land in several areas. Gratefully, my family and friends were not directly affected this time But I have in the past been under a fire watch and had friends lose their home.


What really Matters?


Once under a fire watch

waiting to see which way

the winds would blow;

life reduced down to

one box, one suitcase to pack.

All around me is stuff,

accumulations of past experiences,

current comforts.

Books piled on my night stand, on shelves.

Which ones could turn to ash

reminiscent of the wood pulp

they were made from

would produce more than temporary regret?

Clothes: on hangers, in drawers

few irreplaceable – my wedding dress,

the kids old baby things.

Furniture: our headboard made by my

husband when we got married,

the handcrafted music box by him.

But when I have to choose

it is my kid’s baby books,

our wedding album,

old family photos of our families..

Really very little material matters.

Just us together safe.

I heard on the news

we lost one person,

a body found in an

homeless encampment.

I have wondered who they were

who obviously had few material possessions.

Who will miss them,

who will mourn for this life ended?

That is what really matters.

Diantha Zschoche 5/14