As I stopped to peruse a picture of a sailboat out on the ocean far from the shore it made me think of sailing as a metaphor for the life we sign up for when we ask God to take control of our lives. It is not a safe cushy life without storms but an adventure into the unknown with someone we trust but only begin to know when we travel with him.




I remember when I set sail

out into the wideness of your will.

All I had read about, heard about

or been taught now put into practice.

This is the real life and it is

a multi dimensional one

beyond  my imagination.

I had to learn when to

run the motor or hoist the sails,

whether to ease or trim,

how to tack starboard and port.

When to head up, head down or back away,

when to drop anchor or raise it

as I moved in the current of the spirit.

To sail I must leave the shore behind

with its’ measure of predictability.

To launch out on journeys

where white caps and squalls

both awaited me.

Where capsizing is possible

even to those on your crew.

Wearing the life belt of your saving grace

that buoys me up in the roughest seas

but does not keep me from getting

salt water up my nose.

Each day immersing myself in the

shark repellent of your word

which does  not guarantee

I won’t get bitten.

Looking to the son and the stars

to show me my bearings.

Confident that I am never lost to him.

That he will bring me safely home

in the end.


Diantha Zscoche  3/14