As the Lenten into Easter Journey begins again this week and I take this time to reflect and be renewed in my life. I enter in with this thought, that it is not about journeying to repentance but it is a journey to discover a lover who has been waiting for us , who gave his all for love of us. Who is waiting for us to not grovel but be embraced and all other things will naturally flow from that healing touch. Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago when I began to really see this.


Love that burst forth in forgiveness,

releases us from prison.

Makes us believe again;

free to be

beloved ugly ducklings.

Kisses us whole.

Kisses us warts and all.

Washes away the ashes

of our repentance.

That, we might try again;

to let the light of Christ

be the lamp,

for the feet of our soul

to walk in again.

Diantha Zschoche