Season Your Soul

Season Your Soul

A bouquet of color yellows and pinks

attracts my nose to sniff

and when no smell assails my nostrils

it seems an affront.

Impostors clothed in royal robes,

interlopers who failed to produce

the necessary credentials

to be classified as a bloom.

So also some food served to us

lovely in presentation,

the blend of color and texture

on the plate brings anticipation

then as we take out first bite

out taste buds meet blah.

We keep chewing waiting for that

burst of flavor that never comes.

So cultivate and season your soul

with word and spirit

so that those you meet along life’s way

do not find you lukewarm and bland.

That they might come to taste

subtle saffron or pungent curry,

the earthy hint of basil or

the fiery bite of serrano,

the purity of young greens undressed

or sweet corn unbuttered.

Unique and flavorable,

not all presentation with no

distinguishable taste.

That they might want to know

your recipe or where you shop.

For they have encountered

something they want more of.

Diantha Zschoche 2/14