Red Rubber Rain Boots

In celebration of the little but desperately needed rain we had last week in San Diego, CA and in hopes and prayers for much more in our drought stricken state  I am posting one of my favorite poems from a few years ago.

Red Rubber Rain Boots


What is a wet world without worship

when the day was not complete without splashing

through the puddles, dodging the water spray of wheels

popping into pot holes that seem to materialize

when the first rain drop hits the ground?

Dazzling diamonds

drip down your collar,

wiggly worms without fear squirm all over the sidewalk

squishing under foot. Ugh! Mud

oozing over the walkway onto the patio just right for pie making,

air washed clean intoxicates me.

I long for the red rubber rain boots I had when I was five.


Diantha Zschoche