Do They Know the Gift?

I am posting this separately too because of the format change when I reblogged before.

Do They Know the Gift?

As the train goes by

on this virgin day

the lighted windows

show silhouettes

of men and women

with dreams of love,

with dreams of peace.

Some with hearts on fire,

some with rancor deep,

some with vibrant vision,

others barely able to stay

on their feet.

Do they know the gift

of this day is rich

and once having spent its worth

they canot get it back.

It is invested for life or death

the return bitter or sweet

but it is what we have got.

How will we think of it

when the sun has set,

with indifference or regret,

or as time well spent

with the best we had?

Diantha Zschoche 2/14