Tangles of LIfe

Tangles of Life by Reza Moslehi

Tangles of Life by Reza

Tangles of Life


The life path has never been a straight line

from point A to point B

every since we left the garden.

As we travel on blithely exercising our free will

the lines of our lives get balled up like twine.

Only God can get the knots out,

make sense of the mess.

Sometimes he painstakingly

undoes the twist and turns,

other times he must cut out

the tangled places,

tie the lose ends back together.

Yet, he has chosen to make us

free creatures not automatons.

He has called us friends not slaves.

It makes the relationship

that much sweeter,

our trust that much deeper,

as we learn to trust God’s

guidance and seek his wisdom

as we walk forward into

our unknown future.


Diantha Zschoche

Ecphrasis from photograph by Reza Moslehi