Tell the Tale

Sorry I missed last weekend too many other projects. I was looking back over poems I have written for Christmas in the past and have decided to post some of them over the next few days until Christmas. So journey with me past the Christmas Card scenario into the mystery.  Writing them helped open up this holiday for me and hopefully it will do the same for you. Blessings.


Tell the Tale

This is a tale for all seasons,

from octogenarians to one year olds.

This is the ride of a lifetime,

come with me as it unfolds.

There is a story old

and you must listen fresh,

to mine the ore that’s here,

travel with me till this tale’s laid to rest.

Meritorious maiden?

Charitable carpenter?

Salubrious stable?

Binomial baby boy?

We must translate the message.

We must deliver the mail.

We must speak it to ourselves, to others.

For there is always more of this tale to tell.

Ride the tail of this comet,

another galaxy ahead,

naked under your spacesuit,

crazy out of your head.

Whether the snow is knee high,

whether the sand is hot,

or the wind at gale force,

and rain in giant drops.

Wrangler rope that doggie,

shepherd find that sheep,

catalytic characters

in a transgalactic jeep.

We must traverse this desert,

jump into this deep ravine,

scamper up this mountain,

walk back down to the valley again.

All to find the trail

that leads back to a stable site,

where the god/man baby,

sleeps this remarkable night.

A kingly mantle wraps him

made of homespun cloth.

And God watches over

like any proud father doth.

Now my tale is done.


Diantha Zschoche