Patience: A lost Art






We want it now:

the file to download

the traffic to move

the water to boil

the microwave to ding

the toaster to pop.

Delays in gratification

have become an affront

to our personal agenda.

Patience as a virtue has

become a lost art.

And we risk losing the ability

to enjoy anticipation,

to relax or chat or daydream

while we are waiting.


the 24 days before Christmas,

is about waiting.

About using the time

to prepare for the coming mystery.

The God of the universe

allowing himself to be contained

in an embryo, inside a womb.

To spill out into the world

through the grunts and mess of birth

that he might experience life

as his creatures do.

He knows about:

Waiting nine months to grow

and be born.

Waiting 33 years before revealing

himself and his mission.

Waiting through the agony

of death on a cross.

Waiting three days in the tomb

before resurrection.

Waiting until the advent of time

to come again in glory

to finally wipe away the tears,

eliminate the pain and bring peace.


Diantha Zschoche 12/13