Remembering is the Tribute

I work for a hospice and we had a Remembrance Event for the families of our past patients to honor their loved ones. I wrote this poem for the event and shared it there. Perhaps it will speak to some of your hearts also.

Remembering Is the Tribute

The loved one: mother, father, husband, wife,

brother, sister, friend

whose place is empty now

exited life and took with them the treasure

of your shared life – your history together.

It was not a perfect life but it was

unique to you and them.

The wonderful and the tragic,

the interesting and the boring,

the things you understand and the things you do not,

the frustrating and the fun.

Today is a time amid laughter and tears

to remember not the sickness or death

but their life story;

the chapters you starred in together

and those you simply observed or heard about.

Share with us and each other your memories:

perhaps the things you miss the most or

your favorite quote or a funny story

or the thing you respected about them the most,

whatever comes to mind.

This is the greatest form of tribute,

honoring their lives through memory.

Diantha L. Zschoche