At my Arts Group gathering  of The Grove in Orange County, CA  I sit listening to a passionate young musician talk about his faith and his desire to excell in his craft of songwriting so that he is not just staying in the comfortable grooves of his predecessors but open to forge new paths. He shares about this struggle to not get lost in despair when he feels stuck or even unworthy of such an ambition and how in the midst of the struggle God sends him hope often through the music itself and for me it is through my writing.





As we journey through the dank dark places of our lives,

it seems that the rank smell of remembrance

of our past failures or hurts will never leave us.

When suddenly the whiff of the freshness

of God’s presence wafts through our souls,

we breathe in the fragrance of hope and

remember once again that God is with us.


Diantha Zschoche 10/13