Blessed and Home Base

I belong to an Arts Group that every other month has an event called Spark. Most of the people who come have a Christian spirituality orientation but this isnot required. This is a free for all in the spirit where visual artis, musicians, literary artist, dancers, artstic sign language artist, etc come together for two hours in a evening. There is no agenda but as one is so moved to perhaps share a song while in the background someone else has set up their canvas on one of the easels and started to paint a picture and then in the case of the poems I am going to post something in the picture or in the song “sparks” something in me and I begin to write a poem that I later read and share. This is Ecphrasis (see my About section for a definition) at work in a collective spontaneous way. I go into the evenings with no idea on where it will go and I am always in awe of where the evening takes all of us.






When I wake in my warm bed

hearing the snuffled breaths of my husband

I am blessed.

When I get up thinking about

the work I have with anticipation

I am blessed.

When the phone rings interrupting my routine

and it is my daughter

I am blessed.

When I take my walk

as the sun burns through the mist

I am blessed.

When your word seems fresh

even the hundred time I have read it

I am blessed.

When I tell a patient “God loves you”

and their smile brings their face alive

I am blessed.

All around me everyday are blessings

sometimes extraordinary in their ordinariness.

Open me up to partake and bestow

what you have blessed me with.


Diantha Zschoche 9/13


Home Base

Under the darkened skies

of the nights of my life,

when I have journeyed away

from the familiar points of safety,

I will remember I am anchored in you.

That the path back is marked

by your words and signs.

You promise to be my shelter

to always be my home base.

Diantha Zschoche 9/13

Ecphrasis of yet Untitled Oil by Jodie Allen