Breaking The Rules

Breaking The Rules

Sometimes you have to break the rules
to release the treasure.
As the woman did when she broke the alabaster flask
and anointed Jesus in public among men.
Jesus did this all the time:
eating with sinners,
healing on the Sabbath.
Men make rules to avoid chaos.
I heard the other day that we are really a republic
not a democracy because we have restraints
on everyman doing as he pleases.
Breaking the rules for convenience can be selfish.
Breaking the rules to save my neighbor
or live more true to God can be heroic.
God says that He gave us rules,
The Ten Commandments,
to show us that we cannot live holy lives on our own.
I once read, “love God and do as you please.”
Think about it,
this is the most freeing arduous discipline
we could ever live under.
That is why Jesus said,
“the greatest commandment is:
to love the Lord our God with all
our heart, mind, soul and strength;
our neighbor as ourselves.”
This is the expansive not limiting framework
we are created to live in.
Without His grace and mercy impossible,
with His grace and mercy
challenging and abundant possibilities.

D. L. Zschoche 9/13

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