Our Garden

Our Garden

Sometimes the bordered paths with stately rhododendrons
have the ordered sense of daily repetition,
we feel in control walking in the peace of the space.
Sometimes the foliage grows in haphazard abandon
needing the use of a machete to cut the path before us,
we walk in the wonder of the adventure.
Yet both of these may need His hoe and sickle,
for the order can disguise the chaos underneath,
the freedom can hide God’s footsteps.
So invite God to do the cultivating,
to wield the hoe and swing the sickle
pull up the weeds or plant new crops.
Trust him to sow and to harvest,
and don’t be to assumptive about what he will create.
For His ways are not your ways,
His thoughts are not your thoughts,
thank God -Indeed!

D. L. Zschoche

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  1. This is beautiful, Diantha! Did I spell that write? It was a pleasure meeting you at the library’s WordPress workshop. I hope to start mine in the near future. Chris Zamora

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